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This blog is started off with one purpose - spread financial literacy by Simpler Ways to Understand & Invest your Money =)

So for a start, what does K.I.S.S. stands for?

It stands for Keep Investing Simple, St*pid!
(No Offense, or you can say it as Keep Investing Simple & Sweet :P)

Why KissInvesting? 

Can you relate to the scenario mentioned below?
"Many people know that investing is of paramount importance so that you can retire a comfortable life. However, despite that, in reality most people are just lazy to embark on the road to investing.
Activities such as exploring for good food, travelling around the world sounds like a more interesting approach than poring through companies' annual reports or learning financial jargons." 
Fret not, here at Kissinvesting, we understand & feel your procrastination on investing. That is the sole purpose of this blog - we aim to portray investing to you in the most simplified manner all under one roof so you can just read them all at one place here.  

We hand-picked key topics like:

  • "How to open a stock brokerage account"
  • "How to find companies to invest in" 
  • "How to value companies"
Taking the next step

If you really wish to take the crucial step in enriching yourself on financial education, you can look for our DIY Investing Package [In preparation] which will provide tons of useful information for beginners like you. 

A book will also be included with content such as:
  1. Going for Low Risk, High Returns [REITs, ETFs]
  2. Uncovering 5% Top Mutual Funds so you can just invest for the long haul
  3. Dividend + Value Investing [Warren Buffett Style]
  4. Utilizing CPF + SRS [only Singapore edition]
  5. Saving Tips [A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned]


James Yeo is a stock enthusiast, entrepreneur and contributor at http://fool.sg as well as http://dollarsandsense.sg. Currently on the path of seeking financial freedom, he has a story to tell. 

With his frugal habits and desire to make more money, he has started stocks investment from a young age of 18 while in the army. He is a typical from "zero to hero" person when it comes to money because of his mediocre family background.

Thus, if you are one of those who want to break free from the Rat Race, join our blog and facebook while we achieve Financial Freedom together!


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