How to Bet on World Cup 2014

To many people, World Cup is not just watching 22 people kicking the ball around.. (like what the ladies always say)... it's time to fulfill our betting urges!

Nevertheless, just a word of advice, please curb your gambling bets to a sum you can control and only go for legal operator like Singapore Pools.

Singapore Pools
They even set up a World Cup website for people to sign up online and bet through making a phone call easily. Registration is here.

***Update*** I think that registration is a breeze! No need to queue up with many people all the time and just need to pay $1 for each top-up (in my case, I just play for fun with $500... :D)

Furthermore, they have these 4 places to allow people to watch the matches live there as well. I believe when it comes to quarter-finals onwards, people will all be gathering there and basking in the atmosphere together as well!


There is now even an App where you can look at the odds at one shot! & nope, its not created by me...
Just find it interesting to share with you all... Not bad i would say...

Lastly, just a video to keep your hormones under control...

Hope everyone (including me) win lots lots! HUAT AH!!!


World Cup Singapore Time and Places to Watch the matches live!

The World Cup 2014 is finally here! And those who want to immerse themselves in the Soccer Fever can look at the group play draw/schedule, the Singapore showing times and places to watch them!

The Singapore showtimes (All timings shown are in Sg 24hour format)

Group A
13/06 04:00 Sao Paulo Brazil - Croatia
14/06 00:00 Natal Mexico - Cameroon
18/06 03:00 Fortaleza Brazil - Mexico
19/06 06:00 Manaus Cameroon - Croatia
24/06 04:00 Brasilia Cameroon - Brazil
24/06 04:00 Recife Croatia - Mexico

Group B
14/06 03:00 Salvador Spain - Netherlands
14/06 06:00 Cuiaba Chile - Australia
19/06 03:00 Rio De Janeiro Spain - Chile
19/06 00:00 Porto Alegre Australia - Netherlands
24/06 00:00 Curitiba Australia - Spain
24/06 00:00 Sao Paulo Netherlands - Chile

Group C
15/06 00:00 Belo Horizonte Colombia - Greece
15/06 09:00 Recife Côte d'Ivoire - Japan
20/06 00:00 Brasilia Colombia - Côte d'Ivoire
20/06 06:00 Natal Japan - Greece
25/06 04:00 Cuiaba Japan - Colombia
25/06 04:00 Fortaleza Greece - Côte d'Ivoire

Group D
15/06 03:00 Fortaleza Uruguay - Costa Rica
15/06 06:00 Manaus England - Italy
20/06 03:00 Sao Paulo Uruguay - England
21/06 00:00 Recife Italy - Costa Rica
25/06 00:00 Natal Italy - Uruguay
25/06 00:00 Belo Horizonte Costa Rica - England

Group E
16/06 00:00 Brasilia Switzerland - Ecuador
16/06 03:00 Porto Alegre France - Honduras
21/06 03:00 Salvador Switzerland - France
21/06 06:00 Curitiba Honduras - Ecuador
26/06 04:00 Manaus Honduras - Switzerland
26/06 04:00 Rio De Janeiro Ecuador - France

Group F
16/06 06:00 Rio De Janeiro Argentina - Bosnia-Herzegovina
17/06 03:00 Curitiba Iran - Nigeria
22/06 00:00 Belo Horizonte Argentina - Iran
22/06 06:00 Cuiaba Nigeria - Bosnia-Herzegovina
26/06 00:00 Porto Alegre Nigeria - Argentina
26/06 00:00 Salvador Bosnia-Herzegovina - Iran

Group G
17/06 00:00 Salvador Germany - Portugal
17/06 06:00 Natal Ghana - USA
22/06 03:00 Fortaleza Germany - Ghana
23/06 06:00 Manaus USA - Portugal
27/06 00:00 Recife USA - Germany
27/06 00:00 Brasilia Portugal - Ghana

Group H
18/06 00:00 Belo Horizonte Belgium - Algeria
18/06 06:00 Cuiaba Russia - Korea Republic
23/06 00:00 Rio De Janeiro Belgium - Russia
23/06 03:00 Porto Alegre Korea Republic - Algeria
27/06 04:00 Sao Paulo Korea Republic - Belgium
27/06 04:00 Curitiba Algeria - Russia

Figure out that many would be rather restless during work this period of time since all the matches are played during the Zzzzz timing!

Where to watch them w/o broadband at home?!

SAFRA Mount Faber, Tampines and Yishun will be screening all matches at their aircon lobbies while the Toa Payoh branch will air the final. Each venue can house up to 150 persons.

Community Centres
Full Schedules here


Hong Lim Park

Hollandse Bar
The Bank Bar+ Bistro
The Penny Black
Muddy Murphy's


From Millionaire to Pauper in less than 2 Years

If you have read the heart-wrenching news, about how a widow got donations & insurance payouts worth S$1million and then squandered it all in just 1 YEAR; you would be utterly disappointed in her.

"I also don't know how I finished (using) the money," she said.

Furthermore, she has 5 kids to look after and now that she's broke, she has to turn back to working a low wage job again.

While you may feel sad for her and the circumstances she fell into, perhaps a few of you will think of why; Why does this happen?!

"how the h*ck can you spend all that in a year!?!?"

More often than not, people who come by large sums of money, whether be it through inheritance, striking lottery, sportsmen who suddenly get rich etc. are set to lose it back all again. (Look at michael jackson, mike tyson). 

Why? This is because of one simple reason - Lack of Financial IQ. If one is not prepared for a financial windfall, the money disappears quickly, with some even reaching a financial position that is worse than before they received the windfall. Some even go to the extent of being bankrupt.

Qn: So How Should You increase your financial IQ?

Ans: Through 3 words.
1) Read - It's just like studying to pass your basic driving theory test. You need to understand the terminologies and how stuff works before actually working on it. Reading up on personal finance can be easy; you can just borrow the library books for FREE so what's stopping you?

2) Invest - After getting basic financial knowledge, it's important to take action (like learning driving lessons to get more confidence before taking the test). Many people are afraid to invest their hard-earned money because they are scared to lose it all. However, when you leave your money in the savings account, you are potentially losing out even more than those who make mistakes but improve on them along the way.

3) Assets - While i may not agree 100% with Robert Kiyosaki on his many philosophies, I do advocate the idea of accumulating assets. As he has always mentioned in his books, Assets can put money in your pocket and make you richer while Liabilities take $ out and make you poorer.


In my own conjecture, i believe there are still many more out there that lack the necessary financial wisdom to secure their own comfortable retirement next time. I have the dream to help as many as I can and hope that I can reach out to them one way or another; taking on the late Dennis Ng's dreams to build a foundation with the donations of people who benefitted from the knowledge i shared.