SGX Stocks to BUY

As STI hovers past 3,000 mark; many stocks are rising with the trend as well.

Today, i run through ALL the stocks and decided to show 3 stocks with potential for capital gains.
How i selected these 3 are based on the Criteria:

  • Mid Cap (Already established yet have room for Growth)
  • Good Technical Analysis (Rising with high volume after consolidation period)
  • Share Buybacks (Meaning the company is confident in its future growth)

1) Noble Group

The chart shows the sudden out-burst in share price with an increase in volume after consolidating around the 1.05 to 1.08 range.

2) Ho Bee

As for Ho Bee, there is a spike in volume and share price together with the double bottom pattern.

3) Biosensors

Same thing, a hike in volume and breakthrough in the descending triangle pattern.

Most importantly, the companies all have share buy-backs or significant increase in shareholdings by major shareholders. It demonstrates confidence on how the stock will continue to perform next time. 

It's exactly like when i recommended a "call" for OSIM when it was heavily in the share-buyback mode during which its price was $1.10 - $1.20.

Hope you can Profit from these! HUAT AH!


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